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Use Interactive Mode to Build New Test Cases

SmartDriver helps you write tests faster by skipping the need to build selectors for each element. Instead it will pause the test when an element isn't known so you can teach the bot where the element is on the screen.

Enable SmartDriver Interactive Mode

To enable SmartDriver first set an environment variable to tell SmartDriver to pause tests when it doesn't find an element, which allows you to teach it where those elements are on the screen.


Interactive Mode Quickstart

The best way to use interactive mode is when writing new test cases. You can start with writing out test steps in your preferred language, using the find_by_ai() method for the elements.

Write Out Test Steps

An example for clicking a new button would look like this.


You may need to increase the newCommandTimeout capability when launching the Appium driverso that the test doesn't timeout while you draw a bounding box.

# Click DONE button at launch
done_button = driver.find_by_ai("done_button")
# Click the New tab button
new_button = driver.find_by_ai("new_button")

Execute Test

After enabling interactive mode, run your test as normal. When SmartDriver tries to execute a step where it doesn't see the label, then it will open a new window to allow you to label the element.

Below is an example of this in action: Interactive Test Example