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AI for the Long-Term

· 3 min read
Chris Navrides

AI future

The Future is Now

When we started Dev Tools AI, we believed that AI would change the way we build software and touch everything in the Dev Ops cycle. We are now seeing this happen in real-time. This has been incredibly exciting to see, and motivated us to expand past just helping developers write better UI utomation code, and into the entire Dev Ops cycle.

Launch of Reviewify - AI Powered Code Reviews

Our first step in the road is the launch of Reviewify, an AI powered code review tool. Reviewify is a tool that helps developers write better code, faster. We leverage the power of GPT-4 and linters to in-line comments on every review within minutes to help give feedback to the developers in as close to real time as possible.

Lessons Learned

Leverage AI Everywhere

While building Reviewify, we leveraged the power of AI everywhere. We used DALLE-2 to generate the Reviewify logo (and all our blog post images). We used chatGPT to help with the copy on the page, and especially with the code. ChatGPT was especially awesome at helping us understand APIs as we added support for GitHub & GitLab.

Prompts Are King

The way you structure the prompt has such a massive impact on the results you get back. When we first started experimenting with GPT we had simple prompts like Review the following code. This would give wild results back that were impossible to process.

We iterated over and over, including edge case and boundry tests for when certain conditions happen like finding no issues. This greatly simplified our post-processing needed to ultimately post a comment on a code review.

AI is Finiky

The funniest thing that we have learned is how sensitive the system can be. For a code block with an error, lets say:

print("Starting script")
for i in range(10):
for j in range(10):
print(i / j)
print("This line will never be reached")

The different messages the AI system will return changes depending on if a new-line is present at the end or not. Despite the code being the exact same, something as small as that can have differing impacts.

What's Next

This is just the first step, we aim to have many more products in the coming months to help development teams work more efficiently!

We think the pace of development will only continue to increase and we want to not just be apart of history, but to guide it. Stay tuned to see what's next!